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Jan 03,  · Free download or read online The Bone Collector pdf (ePUB) book. The first edition of the novel was published in January 3rd , and was written by Jeffery Deaver. The book was published in multiple languages including English, consists of pages and is /5. The Bone Collector – read free eBook by Jeffery Deaver in online reader directly on the web page. Select files or add your book in reader/10(4). Download The Bone Collector ebook PDF or Read Online books in PDF, EPUB, and Mobi Format. Click Download or Read Online button to The Bone Collector book pdf for free now.

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It may, therefore, be the case that the reminting of under Ieyasu and was engaged in the production of koban and gold coins was intended as a measure to deal with deflation. 音to a11 checks made when usingthlS WeaPOn. Calssic Country Top Songs of All Time. I have joined your rss feed and look forward to in quest of extra of your magnificent post. The text in your post seem to be running off the screen in Firefox.


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S Pue Sxped PleU O団地Ol岬noue叫8! M 8u明大ue印eli〕ede〕ui有eleld山O〕 O〕 Peu8! SeP山eOJ 8u甲eP」eu-xp! Puedxe AIP! S Pe9u S」eSn. S]98」e1 8u! SPunO」 e鳩」QJ S」e8u! ePeue」8 s晒uos! Od e sselun Ofthe heatin agiven area. Once the ring is pulled, Chemicais within the g「enade reactand, moments later, douse the area in supe「cooied C「yoBan.

Most ind主 nerve damage, and even sending targets into shock. viduaIs and organizations who want to keep thelr data out Of enemy hands use simiIar technoIogies. grenades on hand to erase compromised systems. Saboteurs and data thieves empIoy Wipe-3s to cove「 their tracks and erase important enemy data.

Any compute「 o「 slmila「 deviCe hit by a data-Purge gre- nade loses aii programming, memO「y, and any othe「 kind of electronically sto「ed data but remains otherwise undamaged. The gel bums atvery high temperatures, and the whlte-hot flames SPread quiCkly ac「oss structures and forested areas. A few infantry piatoons equipped with lnCendiary grenades can wipe out entire towns in hours.

Banned through mostofthe Core and inner Rim, theWP s帥 SeeS i面ted use in the imperiai milita「y and among more radicai dissidents and Rebei pa「tisans. The iisted price does not include ammunition. The weapon can鉦e any grenade, aithough the grenade launcher projectiles are diffe「ent than hand grenades g「enade launcher pro」eC帥es aiso CamOt be thrown; they must be fired from the grenade launcher.

The character shouid specify what type of grenades he wants when purchasing them. The iisted profile represents the Z50 ioaded with standard frag grenades. When this iauncher uses other grenades, they repiace itS damage, C「itiCal rating, and item quaiities with their own. AiPeeP JO S…eMS 」eeP O] 19xpO」-O」〇時んe!

SOidxe 」OJ SeSn XOPO1印Oun 」e囲O Pu! SOldxe ue 8u! qe用相nS A山eu9 S9See」叩」OuIJE Apoq euneJ Pue e」O日SnO」e8uep訓euM See」e u! S -Oidxe lつed山! SOldx] 8u! Se S」e]unu e田晒8! SOidx9 9いe〕u! A piston drives rockets out of the combat d「oids. it cannot be used to damage items that operate without power・ aS they have no circuItry tO disrupt. SS甲 PeuリeP e囲!

M Pieリ9i〕]eq 9叩O] 9〉1e] uelJO S」e! Z晒euJ凡e]O」 」O XOq e8」引E e準] Seqn1 91! Pi。Juel Pe即8euJ 〕i9qiきく]iOq 」e]Selq e JO lつed皿e囲 e湘un 〕Ou S甲Oi]euO]eP 8u刑nSe」 e明Pue J91SElq eJO leul e山Seld e囲u冊! e田e」 u8! SSOd se el制Se 8u! Z晒則r xoq e u! SePeue」8 pe帽do」d-1expO」 X! S Se叫e〕 〕看川O捌eSue叫Seu Pue Meeu e刊nb s! S」edooJl euOp 9囲e潮位uu句u! SS叫e囲ul Peu! l J草間〕 」OJ PeSeu〕」nd eq AeuJ Sel! S JO xpe」. i e田OS Sq」OSqE甲e! xpEiq SE uO! 晒e uo甲e]O」d eiqe]つeds9」 8u! e SeZ町中叫u 8u! 叩ld印lSOd -山O〕 Pue J!

e」 」O SuOi〕 -! SOd 8u哩ueeMleq旬u o] 」e」eeM e唱 8u! qO山ie…Ou MOiie O1 8u呼ld pez… -! e抑SSOd… SuO! S -S甲uO! SPeP e u9uO S! Puヒ u二時Iue山 8u! OISeld p印e〕Oi相e〕! e] 9q P9〕」OJu! His dented helmet lnCOrPOrateS a attacks f「om unexpected directions.

However言ts durability range師der as weli as an enhanced optiCS Sulte tO aid in iS SuCh that it quickly loses its protective qualities as it COmbat. it aiso features a diSPiay for his wrISt display, Which absorbs damage. Desplte thlS drawback言ts iow cost iS COmeCted to the lmperial Enforcement Datacore, tO help endears it to bounty hunters, Paramiiitary forces, SeCurity iocate bounties in crowds.

in addition to the vaunted protec- firms, and anyone eise sho「t on c「editS. CrOWd offe「s a more eiegant and effective soiution Banal apparel iS SPeCi斤oaiiy chosen to encourage a wandering eye to continue to wander, allowing the wearer to hide in Piain Slght simpiy by avoiding attention. to Iocate o「 pursue them. Opposing characters upgrade the d冊culty of any Checks made to ldentify the wea「er once.

Blaste「S and othe「 advanced weapons can make a mockery Of even the most sophisticated a「mor. Perhaps it lS because Of this that some warriOrS Wear the same primitive armors that have been used across the galaxy for countiess miiiennia. Some individuais choose their a「mor to send a message rather than for practicai pu「poses. The GM may determine that thiS armOr PrOVIdes further benefits or drawbacks depending On the situation.

PPe ue 」9」EeM e囲8u! i〕 O] Sxpe甲 S. M 一間山e」ed pue e〕! A custom Kamperdine 」aCket makes a memorable鉦st impressfon and is a sign that ltS Wearer is an indIViduai of lmPeCCable taste. Kampe「dine 」aCkets are rarely found on the open market, and most lndiViduals who PurChase one go to thei「 graVeS in them. They must be Ordered months in advance ofthelr desi「ed delivery date. The intemal powersource lS Smali and Can take severai minuteS tO reCharge after each use.

qe」nP Sl! The a「mor also incor- POrateS a high-POWered comiink able to communiCate from the ground to Iow orbit. Crafted by some of the best armorsmiths in the gaiaxy, these suits of battie armor Were eXtremely resistant to cutting edges and blaster fire alike.

They we「e also quite cumbersome, and each one WaS CuStOm forged fo「 ItS Wea「er. Though hund「eds of SuCh suits were made, Only a handfui have survived to the PreSent day in anything resembiing usable condition, and aii speclmenS are St川fitted to their wearers of oId.

Jedi battle armor iS eiigible to be seaied against VaCuumS and other hazardous environments. biaste「 fire and expiosions. Anonymlty WaS aS lmPOrtant tO a Jedi l七mple Guard as combat Skll上and they were swom to be completely imparAn indivldua同eld disruptor creates a sphere of dlSruP- tial in the executiOn Of tiVe energy arOund the wearer that inte「feres with most thelr duty.

丁hough the ene「gy fieids and offers some p「otection to the wearer records state that all Because of its smali size-1ess than ten centimeters in members of the Jed口でm- diameter-it lS reIatiVely diSCreet.

if the fieid enters engaged range with any other eiectroniC device, the device sho「ts out and becomes lnaCtlVe for the remainder of the encounte「. 晒洲nq S. S uO山田O〕 e e」eM S]inS Su岬e」〕! eM印e」Od」O〕ui OSle S叩nS 8uiu! The Suits requlre a Smali, high-OutPutenergyCe11 bu冊nto a beit O「Wristband. They consume energy at a high rate; the pow- e「 pack is good forabout an hour ofconstant use・ Though 丁he Mk lii flakvest from Pacnorvai Defense Systems IS a basiC jacket consiSting Of light durasteei plates under iayered ba旧stic fabric.

Fiak VeStS are aimost useiess against Primarily used by govemmental inteiligenCe and law enforcement agencies, many Suits have found theirWay into the hands ofdangerouscriminalsand theAiiiance. The suit cannot be used agaln until the power pack lS repiaced, WhlCh requires a maneuver b看aste「s and, aS SuCh, are Seldom Seen OutSide of security forces expecting littie resIStanCe and backwater worlds.

The entire mental and law enforcement agencies, thiS SOPhisticated riot armor is advertised as the pInnaCie of protectiOn for iaw enforcement o簡cers. Wom over a smartmesh body glove woven wIth fol旧ber relnforcement, the armor is COmPOSed of a lightweight ciamshell to protect the torso and a numbe「 of flexibie contoured plates to protect the Suit COnSists of the one-PleCe 」umPSult, gloves, boots, and helmet.

Hazardous lndustry suItS aiiow technlCai experts and laborers allke to deai wlth WOrkshop or factory condItions danger- OuStO mOStlMngSPeCieS. xpOiq 」O ]〕ei]eP ]E叩SPie町S ei〕 s. つui e山OS 9P! Sne〕 P! Sn S口9Pie! qO叫O ]SO〕 Popuiar and l-ghtweight, CaPaCitive armor offers moderate PrOteCtiOn againSt mOSt fo「ms of attack whenever worn.

Effective body armo「 is conspiCuOuS. For those times when appearances are as important as SeCurity, armOrthat is much less notiCeabie鵜eVe旧f lt is iess protective」s a necessary compromlSe・ A reflect bodygiove lS a Skintightsultthat can be wom As a maneuve「 the weare「 may power up or power down undemeath traditionai garments.

it血orporates a refiec- the a「mor. While the armor is powered and the plates a「e tiVe WeaVe CaPable of dlSPerSing energy weapon biasts. These suitS are common equiPment amOng SCOutS, Pianetary surveyors, and miners. They are especlai1y popuiar among coionists, 1ng that provldes slgn面oant Who not only must b「ave OVerall protect10n. The base layer Strange and hazardous planetary conditlOnS, but aiso are armor to help ensure thei「 SurVivai when outgumed by SuPe「iOr lmperial numbe「s Rebel heavy battle armor is a combination of composlteS, is made of armo「weave cioth that dissipates blaster bolts.

uoi〕〕e〕O」d ui 9See」〕u! eiqe」nSee田e 8u! PuOdse」」O〕 e Sel」」e〕 」0…e u! e叩引JJ O〕 uS! 佃n〕S Aq洲SMO -PeuS eZ! euJe」 0川SiM O11M Su!

qn S〕! S叩iJuO〕木usu9]u上u8間ul uOil〕elO」d leuOS」ed 」OJ Peu8! Some Smugglers, however, take the tack that if they simpiy have enough hidden compartments, at ieast a few wiii inevitabiy go unsearched. These t「enchcoats have aiiowed many Prisone「s to retain items iike datasplkes and lockpicks that Creshaldyne industries is known throughout the gaiaxy as a PurveyO「 Of fineiy made working clothes for hunters, SCOutS, and others who liVe in f「ontier SettingS.

A suit of Su「vivaiist armor provides whoie-body pro- tectiOn, With reinforced patches at the elbows, knees, and shouiders. Used by professIOnal scouts, SCience-iab wo「kers, and SPeClal forces the galaxy over, the Thinsuit by Karfio Cor- POration is among the most popular envirOnmentai PrOteCtiOn gear arOund.

The Thinsuit provides protection against a variety of dangerous environments without hampering mOVement Or SIowing reaction speed. Made from a P「OP「ietary material that reguiates lntemai conditiOnS Whiie b10Cking external ones, the Thinsuit protects against dangerous tempe「atu「es, PreSSure, radiation, Chemicais, and partiai vacuums.

Offer any additiOnal protection against biasters直ensures that the wearer suffers no用effects from the elect「oconductive wiring that lineS the entI「e Suit. When switched on, The ThinSuit lS a Skin-tight body giove, Weighingonly one kilogram, that provides aimost totai coverage for standa「d the suit hums with energy.

Any enemy who comes into humanoids, leaving only the face exposed. ifthe wearer of the charge suit is hit by a melee attack and the attack generates , the attacker is automaticaily hit by an attack dealing 8 damage.

if the attack generates ㊨ 工he attacker is disoriented for one round. atmosphere for up to sIX hours and provides one hour of intemai power The stock suit comes with six removable 師e「s and power packs, eaSlly stored ln its many pockets. A cha「acter equipped with a ThlnSuit remOVeS獲臆 imposed by the environment from their checks.

S Ol木yi! NnS S」e」eeM dieu O] le〇時〇匹JOO」d-uO! OJ 8u! d e uo呼! SSnJuO〇 時u! eSneつ 塁蒜岩盤露盤器器つ器器笠盤鷲 -」eeM9明くdn pe」9MOd s!

eM 9明S9叩q甲S! Sn囲ue SSeu」ePl! d」臥JO uO! eSee」〕ui uE O] 8u! Pee仁1e」」eq Pue e山e」J S. Pe「SnO山勘O S」eqeS叫8″ P9iqeJ 9囲OI Sey! However・ the increased effec- Built from scavenged blaster parts and the occasionai piece tiveness of such a shot when it does strike the target is from a repulsor腫generato「, the bowcaster accelerator the reason thiS attaChment remalnS POPuia「.

This attachment lS Only for use on Ranged Llght blaste「 pistoIs. Base Mod輔ers:血reases weapon damage by l. 音to a11 checks made when usingthlS WeaPOn. 丁hlS attaChment iS Only for use on Wooklee bowcasters and camot be purchased直must be bu冊either by the ownerof the bowcaster with an Awe「age OO Mechanics check or by the weaponsmith who builtthe weapon for them. ThiS item lS nOt aVaiiable fo「 sale, but parts may be bought for credltS.

Base Modifiers: inc「eases weapon damage by l. reIoad a旧n one smooth, quick movement. 丁his attachment can oniy be used with blaster pistoIs. uOdeeM S冊8u! Sn Se津山」euMO S. M 9囲 JO uO!

Sue〕X9 ue Se ]つe Ol uOdeeM e囲8uiMO旧く」euMO Sl! Pe」dun 8u! nboe O]んess9〕eu l! P ]」OuS le山! Designed to give the user better controi over the weapon, eSPeCialiy in tight quarte「s, thiS attaChment lS Often paired with a spread barrel attachment to optimiZe biaster rifies fo「 ciose-quarterS COmbat. Wlth the right modificatiOnS, the grip heips stab帖ze the rlfle for more accurate, longer-range Shots as wei上 丁hlS attaChment can oniy be used on rifle and ca「bine- Sized weapons but not heavy rifles.

This makes Galven pattem rese- the wieide「. By focusingthe Galven patte「n lntO a tight- er wavelength, mO「e energy lS PaCked into each biaster boit, WhlCh mCreaSeS damage output. 丁his attachment can only be used with blaster pistoIs and heavy biaste「 pIStOIs. on,s front sight. 丁hiS mOdification may oniy be appiled to pIStOi-SiZed 綜a箱聖書蕊詰鴇器普請 Paying someone else to perfo「m the work d輔culty of combat checks to hit targets at ranges beyond Some peopie form a great attachment, eVen a bond, With thelrWeaPOn and take steps to ensure that no others can Short range by上 use it.

For this reason or for mo「e practicai ones, SOme Base Mod脆ers: lnnate鴫lent Quick Draw. increases indiViduals have their weapon modihed so that lt Oniy functions ln thei「 hands. This IS aCCOmPllShed through a gene-1ock, a SyStem featuring a COmPuter that scans the DNA of any lndividual who picks up the weapon. IND 9唱 ui uOde9M」9iie山S e Pue Pueu euO u!

nbe e」e SePeu -e」8 uo! S判8旧Ods e印e」8e叩O] S! SSeu叫eP ui 8u哩」edo 」euMO PeZi」O明ne Sl口O SPueu el口u! The optiC is connected to a Pair of goggles worn by the user by a reinforced fiber-OPtic cabIe that transmits the vision enhancements direCtiy to the user in real time. With some clever maneuve「ing, uSerS Can See arOund co「ners, under obstacies, and ove「 cove「.

This attachment can be fltted to any ranged weapon. ter tO achieVe a muCh hlgher number of shots before needing to re10ad, thanks to more e肺Clent uSe Of resources Such modificatlOnS are Often the resuit of excessiVe tinkermg, rather than off-the-Shelf modeIs.

One less popuiar approach that nonetheless endures among certain demoiit-OnS eXPertS is the use of a modifled grenade or detonite Charge capable of self-PrOPuislOn. Such modiflCat10nS a「e aimost aiways unlque aithough certam Smaii drolds and othe「 devICeS are a POP- 2 Sklll Percept10n Mods uiar starting POlnt F「om a proton grenade w-th wheels to a hovering the「mal detonator, these makeshift devICeS- A complex and sophistiCated pleCe Of equlPment, the muIt上OPtic sight lS a WOnder of modem sensor technoIogy.

d u叩囲lM 8u刑卸」eJe」d ouM S」9! d e pie! M S」e8u! SeP SienP囚Pu! eN uOdeeM e囲u! e8ue」 S. ThiS attaChment can be instailed on any micro-rOCket. Speciaily mod甫ed gas conversion enabIers〆Citers can aiiow a blaster pistoI or rifie to achieve much highe「 rates of fire than facto「y standa「d, eVen rlValing those of a true 「epeating blaster AIong with modlfying or repiacing the XCite「 and potentiaiiy the biaster actuating mOduie, ltchnlCians making heavy modifications to a biaster also often modify the trigger to ailow for fully automatiC fire when the user keeps it heid.

Such high rates of和e mean a considerabie ioss of accuracy. Nevertheiess, the advantages offe「ed by a Scanne「-PrOOf hardware is a coliection of upgrades that rapid誼re weapon outweigh these drawbacks for some users together make a weapon v而ualiy lnVISlbie to scanners・丁hiS 丁hlS attaChment can be applied to any biaster. ln addit10n, mOSt言f not ali, metalliC PartS-frame, trigger grOuP, barre上etc. ThiS attaChment is extremely用ega上and w刷e lt may help fooI weapon SCannerS, lt does nothing to aid in conceaiment from a Physicai search Belng Caught with a weapon that can pass th「ough scanners without belng detected is usuaily a one- Way tiCket to the nearest lmperial stockade 丁hiS attaChment can be appiied to any weapon Base Modifiers: The weapon camot be detected by By removlng Or deactivating weapon safeties and other features, a gun Can mO「e eaSlly be drawn and readied for combat Ofcourse, Safety features are ln Piace for a reason, and weapOnS mOdirfed in such a way tend to be more accident-PrOne.

三豊器誓言豊盤盤前端諸悪 Check to ind the weapon. An 10n biaster mounted aiongside their main weapon p「ovldes 」uSt that optlOn. See ]i 8u! SS… 田e囲O] Sxped諾」eu S! As an added bonus, the short barrei can, Wlth SOme P「aCtice, make drawing the weapon quiCker and easier.

This attachment can only be applied to Ranged Light pistoIs. Base Modifiers: Reduces the dlffroulty of checks made to conceai thlS WeaPOn by one Reduces range by one range band, tO a minimum Ofshort. uOdeeM eul e〕nP9」 O〕 e〕uO uOde9MS冊岬M xp印e ueJO相n瑚! P 9唱ePe」8dn庇IN :S」eU! 事do uo! PON 1! it carries up to sIX grenades and is devastating effect, Shredding unarmored targets and ln 師ed bya simPie press ofa button.

Once鉦ed, the scattergun can be re10aded rela- ehti「e assembly quite barrel-heavy. Base Mod師ers: Enabies weapon to和e grenades. Adds Cumber- Damage 6; CrltiCai 5; Range [Short]; Biast 5, Knockdown, SOme 十1 to weapon and increases encumbrance by 2. When thlS happens言t pays to be prepared. hand instead of needing to draw a second weapon to empIoy their micro-rOCkets. WeaPOn that couid iogiCally mount a bayonet 丁hlS attaChment can be applied to any Ranged Heavy This attachment can be insta11ed on any ranged weapon.

P e囲eSee」Oui :S」eU! S」91Selq叩OPiOu O] Peiidde八両〕! S甲nS uS! M」9唱O 」O刈Se田pel11 SuOpeO胡PO山PeS! suode9M Meeu 3u! PleiM ueuM囲8ue」1S Pue木川! The foIIowing attachments and CuStOmizations can only be appiled to lightsabers. Lightsaber combat checks when the wlelder lS engaged With a singie opponent The biade drain attachment works by creating a Sma11 Llghtsabers rely on kyber crystais attuned to the wielder POWerdrain when the lightsaberis ln COntaCt Wlth anoth- to create energy biades of different types Under norma看 er lightsaber bIade.

attachments that aliow two Or mO「e c「ystais to be 丁he draw is momentary but sign甫cant enough to reduce lnStalled in a Sing看e lightsaber. This attachment can only be appiIed to lightsabers. functionality from thei「 otherwise traditionai weapon. Lightsabers are inherently lethai weapons. Careful mod甫Cations to the powe「 cells and blade emitteraliowthe ownerofa lightsaberto add a S七un setting PrOWeSS ln dueis.

Over the centu「ies, its popuiarity has Of so「ts, Which draws on the power of a norma川ghtsaber WaXed and waned, but curved-hilt lightsabers have never CryStal but with less intensity than norma上However, a COmPleteiy faiien out of favor. Duelists who utiliZe Iightsabe「s in this con- figuration can unieash precjse, deadiy attacks with graceful lunging and siashing strikes, Often leaving their opponents Criticaliy injured, maimed, Or WOrSe.

usual departmental register. At a committee, 10 May Payment to be made when funds are available. Wills, who has available. arranged with Mr Poole for a selection being made as proposed. The change of size of the octavo sheet Lacouperie. for the printing alone disturbs the calculation submitted to the At a committee, 10 February Employment of Mr de Lacouperie Trustees for sanction. Application to be made for Treasury printed catalogue is undefined. The cognate collections of Japanese, sanction.

Mr Poole is on vacation until the 17th Inst. Terrien de Lacouperie to select and that the whole subject should be fully reported on before further catalogue Coins from the Tamba Collection [c. I must ask you therefore to the cost can be met out of the provision in the Estimates for —84 for draw up a particular statement for submission to the Trustees on the Catalogues of Coins.

Yours truly, E. Treasury conditions. Mr Poole has the honour to submit to the Trustees a collection of [BM Trustees Minutes, c. At a committee, 10 March Of the above the following may be specially noticed. The small round 17 July Morse Collection gold coins of the 17th cent. The smaller copper coins by Mr Morse. You will probably inform him of the fact if you should semi pieces illustrate the history of the native coinage from the 8th know his present address. Yours ever truly, [illegible signature] cent.

The 79 larger medals have been selected with great care and represent a number of special forms and types not found in the national collection. These last pieces are now seldom met with 28 July Gardner Collection even in Japan and their acquisition would form a very desirable Purchases recommended. Gardner Collection of Coins. Report by Mr addition to the Museum series which is now the most representative in Poole, 25 July, recommending the purchase from Mr Christopher Europe.

Gardner, H. II Chinese modern coins … in your report on the Chinese catalogue. been prepared by M. de Lacouperie — the Trustees Mr Poole recommends that nothing more be undertaken at present. The [No? Yours very truly, E. Ordered: Application to Treasury for funds to large number of recent acquisitions of Chinese coins [note: ], and complete the Catalogue of Chinese Coins, with explanation of cause of to the heavy cost of the illustrations.

Offer of Messrs Gilbert and Rivington as made Mr Poole proposes to complete 31 sheets, which will form a volume on grounds stated in their letter to be declined.

A fresh estimate to be containing the whole of the Ancient Chinese Money; and to postpone obtained for Vol. II of the Catalogue. and observing that estimates successively submitted have proved M. publication with the 1st volume of 31 sheets. I, an interval be allowed, before proceeding with Vol. II, in order to ascertain by the 4 July Catalogue demand for the first volume which deals with ancient Chinese money Mr Poole has the honour to report in reference to the Minute of the and is complete in itself, whether the publication of a continuation Trustees under date 11 June that he herewith submits the nearest describing modern Chinese coinages and Japanese coins and medals estimate which he can obtain of the cost of completing an entire would be desirable.

Catalogue of Chinese and Cognate coins and medals. a Read. b Read. The Japanese coins, should the Trustees still decide to proceed with Thompson. III: Coins of Japan, Annam, Tangut Liao, Corea, Cochin China, 26 November Catalogue Toking and Formosa coins … The illustrations in this volume Report by Mr Poole, 5 November, recommending that the Catalogue of would probably not exceed , exclusive of special types.

General Sir A. Cunningham, Sir H. Howorth, M. quite uncertain what method it may be advisable to adopt, as the most At a Committee, 26 November Presentations sanctioned. Mr Poole Thompson. His new wife was been known as the Tamba Collection, referring to Masatsuna Agnes Taylor Hillocks b. As a silk or China merchant, Frentzel would have had The nomenclature followed the European aristocratic associates and contacts among traders in East Asia.

He also had tradition, and conveniently rendered his name in a way that contacts in the academic world. His father-in-law James was short and easy for non-Japanese speakers to remember. At Hillocks c. In addition to his business life, catalogue, was owned by a London-based silk merchant, Frentzel also had a keen interest in coins, being a Fellow of the Rudolph Frentzel.

The coins were brought to the British Royal Numismatic Society for 47 years from continuously Museum, and Terrien de Lacouperie, of University College, until his death in At some stage between October Collection to the British Museum and apparently sold the rest and February Frentzel sold the collection to a Mr of his collection at auction.

The catalogue for the Sotheby, Howel Wills. Reynell, b. Frentzel, dated 11 January , promising to recommend a selection of Esq. There was no mention of any East Asian coins in this sale.

various sources can allow us to reconstruct part of its history in Contrary to the statement in the auction catalogue, London.

Van one day they may provide enough of a lead to trace the journey Doorninck, Dr L. White King et R. Amsterdam, 28 May Frentzel came to acquire the Tamba Collection, it would seem George Rudolph Nicolaus Frentzel was born in Hamburg on 9 likely that he came across them either through his East Asian June He and Similarly, we do not know the exact arrangements by which he his wife Elizabeth were lodgers at the home of Abraham and sold them to Howel Wills.

Betsey Phillips, 47 Clifton Street, Shoreditch. As Mr Phillips born in Danzig [Gdansk] was a silk merchant himself, and Who was Howel Wills? He was admitted was eventually published in He was on the Western Circuit in to my friend Howel Wills, Esq. The name of Howel and it may well be that by allowing the Tamba Collection to Wills remained in the Law List until , the year of his death, remain at the Museum on offer until the sale in , Wills but with no address after He is best known for his interest in acquire over 2, coins from the Tamba Collection.

antiquarian books, fine art and other antiquities. Indeed, in February Christie, Manson and Woods arranged three What happened to the rest of the Tamba Collection? Leeds from Edward Hamilton Johnston — , Boden There is no mention of a spectacular East Asian coin Professor of Sanskrit and Keeper of the Indian Institute, collection, or a coin collection of any sort, in the records Oxford. Nor is there any mention of Howel Wills as a are reproduced below for convenience, with the permission of coin collector or dealer in the numismatic literature.

The only the Keeper of the Heberden Coin Room: relevant evidence is in the collections and archives at the Letter from E. Johnston [Edward Hamilton Johnston, Keeper of the British Museum and subsequently at the Ashmolean Museum, Indian Institute] to E. Leeds, 17 March Oxford see below.

Perhaps Frentzel had wanted or needed to Dear Leeds, The fragmentary nature of the records kept here does sell sooner than the British Museum was ready to buy, and not allow of any answer to your queries. A note in a catalogue runs: 5 cases Chinese coins 10 nests of trays and 2 cabinets sent to allowing the Tamba Collection to remain at the Museum?

I have examined the minutes for some years on both sides of either saw his purchase as an investment or as a means by , but find no reference to the coins. It seems that their origin was lost sight of quite early; for I enclose a letter, which I have which the Collection could remain at the Museum. found, of ? shows that their origin was then unknown. If this letter is of any interest to you, I think you might as well keep it. Sir M. However, he abandoned the be included among them.

It is unlikely that the Institute accepted a commercial world for more scholarly pursuits. The note quoted from the catalogue also gives you the date you College, London, and was also editor of the Babylonian and want. The Bodleian Library were not concerned in the transaction. Oriental Record. His work on the history of the Chinese script, Yours sincerely, E.

Johnston and in particular his view that early Chinese civilization [The letter of c. Lacouperie on several short-term arrangements to work on the East Asian coins.

Poole wanted to employ him as a full-time Arch. But 1— Liu-chiu Islands 1—8: Liu-chiu Islands the process was long-drawn out, problematic and expensive for 1— Korea the Museum and only the first volume was completed. See Appendix. Howel Wills. I enclose a copy of what we have got in the Register. See Wang, p. Catherina Sophia Tornquiss of Hamburg.

He retained his German Educated: Clifton, Corpus Christi College, ; Balliol College, Hilary nationality most of his life, applying for naturalisation at the age of Term — Barrister, Inner Temple Died December Robinson [Edward Stanley Gotch Robinson, 7 UK Census , , , , round coins, China, Corea, etc. but have bought nothing from him 9 The children were Franz Rudolph Emil b. From the List of Fellows, published in the annual searched our catalogues, minutes and other records for indications of Numismatic Chronicle, we know his various addresses in London as the Chinese coins transferred to the Ashmolean on May 10, I much regret that we are so deficient.

We Osbaldeston Road, Stoke Newington — ; 28 Springfield, have regular records of accessions, but only from ; for the earlier Upper Clapton —10 ; 46 Northfield Road, Stamford Hill — period we have only lists of possessions. If the chronology allows of the supposition that the coins belonged to the initial donations, which 11 I am grateful to Ted Buttery for these details.

XVI , p. Wills of Clifton Town — probably George Wills, j. then living at a lodging house, 3 Arlington Villas, Clifton. I am Leeds, Keeper of Brasenose College, —1. Williams, City Archivist, Bristol City Council, for identifying George Wills and for confirming that although the Contents surname Wills suggests there may have been a link with the Enumeration of collection famous Wills family of Bristol, the names Howel Wills and George Introduction Wills do not appear in the W.

and H. Wills subsequently Catalogue Imperial Tobacco archival deposit. Shu, Five Dynasties, Liao, Jin, etc. For some of this time, Wills was resident at Rebel near close of Northern Song 2 Belgrave Mansions, St George, Hanover Square, London UK Southern Song Census Yuan 92 17 These included the centre panel of the Monte Oliveto altarpiece Late Yuan rebels 28 now in the Fogg Art Museum, Harvard.

It was purchased by a Mr Ming Quilter, then by Henry Goldman, who presented it to the Fogg in Princes and rebels at close of Ming See Fogg Art Museum , p. Qing to Qianlong 18 The Times, 19 July Total 19 For further details see Carlyle, Ryan, Oxford Arch. Gardner oxforddnb. The introduction describes the Gardner a more damning account of his work see Parker, The Indian Institute International Stamp Advertiser, Saturday 15 October no. the two collections [of H.

Wills and C. Gardner] together form a Barrett, T. Singular Listlessness: A Short History of Chinese rich field for the research student. Ryan, Oxford Dictionary of National language. Anglo-Saxon studies. His sole publication on East Asian coins was Fogg Art Museum, html, accessed 16 January Leeds, E. Parker, E.

It is an excellent of startling developments. Firstly, there has been a more opportunity not only to illustrate the strengths of the thorough approach to documentary evidence through the collection, but also to introduce to the English reader the fruits discovery of new sources and new interpretive efforts directed of Japanese numismatic research, including work focusing on at existing sources. Secondly, new advances in archaeology archaeology, economic history and scientific analysis.

and a more effective analysis of coin finds have brought the fields of numismatics and archaeology closer together. Although this is common practice in were Chinese.

These were the banliang 半両 and wuzhu 五銖 of the West, where the collected body of data forms the basis of a the Former Han dynasty bc—25 ad and coins issued great deal of numismatic research, this approach is relatively during the reign of Wang Mang r.

The recording of single coin-finds in Japan has reached Japan in the first centuries of the 1st millennium. not only yielded exciting results concerning the distribution of Coins of these types have been found at sites all over Japan, but Japanese coin-types, but has also stimulated a far greater since, at the time of the importation of these coins, Japan was attention to the accurate identification of coins found not sufficiently developed socially for coins to be used as throughout Japan.

from the early 8th century, which was excavated at the Banliang and wuzhu coins were issued over a long period, thus Saikudani site in Osaka Prefecture, and the excavation of the making precise dating very difficult. reign, and therefore look more promising as dating evidence. These highlights are supported by other important finds.

Another corroborated with other evidence. are found all over East Asia. It process known as cupellation was in use there. systems of economic organization, including currency, weights At the site of Hara castle, which was the focus of the Shimabara and measures. They have so far been unearthed only been found. Some daimyo in Minato-ku, Tokyo compare Cat. nos — based on the weight of the silver.

In the second month of clear whether they preceded or followed the production of that year the office of Master of the Mint Saijusenshi 催鋳銭司 Fuhonsen. nos 5—15 were minted. The fact that currency did not only consist of imitations of Chinese coinage. the silver coins were minted before the copper coins is probably There are no examples of these early mumon-ginsen in the connected with the earlier existence of mumon-ginsen.

Indeed, British Museum collection. it is likely that the production of silver coins was a trial effort The archaeological site at Asukaike in Nara Prefecture has preparatory to the production of copper coins. When one takes account of the facts that Fuhonsen were found, along with smelting furnaces, furnace the government was at the same time establishing markets in pokers, incomplete castings and other items connected with the capital and issuing regulations granting honours to those the casting of coins, in an excavation conducted to the highest who accumulated stocks of coinage Chikusen joirei 蓄銭叙位 standards by the National Research Institute for Cultural 令 and that more than 5, coins have been found at sites all Properties in Nara.

The distribution of the the use of silver coins. Since they oldest government-issued coins in Japanese history. The metal circulated at a value that was in excess of their inherent metal composition of the Fuhonsen is also of interest, for it has been value, it was not long before Japan was awash with privately- established that they were made with an alloy of copper and minted coins and imitations, as is evident from government antimony.

A bronze alloy made of copper, lead and tin was in prohibitions on private minting. when they were placed in placenta jars. nos 1—3. From the late 17th minted, 12 different types of copper coinage were issued by the century, when coin collecting first became common in Japan, central government.

These have generally been considered to Fuhonsen have been considered as charms rather than money. Ultimately, by the middle of the 10th century, too coins were being used for non-monetary purposes. However, many difficulties had come to the fore to make the continued the large amount of slag found with the Fuhonsen coins at the production of coinage possible: there were policy failures, such Asukaike site suggests that as many as 10, were cast there.

as the decision to assign to new issues a value that was 10 times The notion that they were coins rather than charms has thus the value of the previous coinage, which from modern become more widely accepted, but the debate continues. The economic perspectives seems certain to have encouraged late 7th century is precisely the period in which the Japanese inflation. So the production and use of coinage might have have a reduced copper content, testifying to these represented the assertion of the newly emergent Japanese state problems.

Let us now look in more detail at the coins of ancient Japan, in the order in which they were minted. These all have a four- character inscription, reading clockwise from the top. weight of 3. There is some doubt about how kaichin master-coin in the collection of the Nara National the last character in the inscription 和同開珎 is to be read, Research Institute for Cultural Properties.

This is because 珎 is a variant 63— nos third character in the inscription. nos apply to the silver coins, while in the case of the copper coins 92— nos 8, 10, The metallic composition is also substantial quantity of lead. The sites known at present are Okada, Kadono, Tahara coins. These minted in when Fujiwara Nakamaro wielded de facto mints were managed by officials despatched from the capital power.

Each silver coin was assigned the now known, from the archaeological discovery of coin moulds, value of 10 copper coins, and each gold coin the value of 10 that the Nagato mint was in the vicinity of what is now the silver coins. Saidaiji temple outside Nara in the Edo period, and another 31 While the three types of copper coin issued in the Nara were discovered in At this time Japan had not developed to the were minted Cat. nos 29— In an edict was issued which declared that they were of equal value.

This suggests that the three coin- The circulation of medieval coinage types were in circulation together and that the populace was For a period of about years from the second half of the 10th distinguishing between the different types, with some coins century onwards, no coins were minted in Japan.

Instead, rice, circulating at a premium or discount rate. Indeed, coin finds silk and hemp were used as media of exchange, as is clear from often include all three types. To give an indication of prices in land-sale records and other documents surviving from that the 8th century, one masu of sake cost one mon ie, one copper period.

This was a time of considerable change as the fighting coin and a long-necked jar cost 10 mon. men known to us as the samurai came to the ascendant. nos 40— The imported capital but also produced a new coinage. Hereafter there was a dynasties. Coins of the Northern Song — rapid reduction in the size of Japanese copper coins. Furthermore, the smaller number of coins of the Yuanyou tongbao 元祐通寳 issued — Hongwu tongbao later Heian period that have been unearthed suggests that a 洪武通寳 issued from and Yongle tongbao 永楽通寳 smaller quantity of coins was being issued at this time.

coin-types constitute the bulk of coins contained in the earliest nos 55— The British Museum collection includes a master- hoards found in Japan, and the composition of the hoards has coin of this type Cat. In Japanese, such pieces are much to tell us about the coins in circulation.

The hoards known as 'mother-coins’, in the sense that the mother can consist of between several thousands and several tens of produce more coins. In medieval Japan, it was common was a daily necessity for most people.

The development in the for 97 copper coins to be strung together as a group, and 10 of early 17th century of a system of taxation which required taxes these coins formed a unit called a kanmon.

lasting monetary functions of rice. Trade with China was becoming increasingly important for By the end of the 16th century rice and copper coins were Japan, and in the 14th century shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu supplemented by gold and silver for high-value transactions, as was particularly keen to promote trade with Ming China.

There the diaries of members of the aristocracy show. Gold nuggets was no strong central government in Japan at that time, and had been found in northern Honshu from ancient times but consequently no central office with the authority to issue coins.

now gold and silver mines were being opened and were Imports from China were paid for in Chinese coin, hence the producing precious metals that could be used as currency. By importance for Japan of the vast quantities of coins imported this time bills of exchange were also coming into use in Japan from China.

To give an example of the scale of the movement of to facilitate commercial transactions. So, by the end of the 16th coins, in a ship set sail from Ningbo in southeastern China century commercial and economic activity were such that bound for Hakata in northern Kyushu, but sank off the coast of copper coins were insufficient both in quantity and in value.

Marine archaeologists working on the wreck Recent research has revealed much about the metal established that the cargo of this one ship included 28 tonnes of composition of the imitation Chinese coins mentioned above.

coins, around 8 million coins. The reliable supply of coins from Copper coins in East Asia are generally made of three metals — China had the effect of making it unnecessary for Japan to copper, tin and lead — but in China in the Southern Song produce its own coins. Furthermore, coins had also become dynasty — the proportion of tin declined.

Thus, Chinese of a copper-lead alloy. Some coins have a very high copper coins and imitations were being used throughout East Asia, content almost pure copper ; such coins are less durable and including what is now Vietnam, by Japanese merchants. the inscription is less sharp.

Hence the emergence of coins Meanwhile in China, from the Yuan dynasty — which either had unclear inscriptions or, in the case of onwards paper money and silver ingots were being increasingly mumonsen, no inscription at all, particularly in the 16th used in larger monetary transactions. It was not, however, the case that no coins were being It is from this period that much of the archaeological evidence produced at all in Japan. A demand for coins was growing in dates, including moulds for casting mumonsen found at Sakai medieval Japan as production and commercial activity were on and mumonsen coins found in northern Honshu and southern the rise and the existing supply of coins was proving Kyushu.

insufficient to cope with rising levels of economic activity. In 16th-century Sakai, for 寳 Cat. nos — example, not only were copies of Chinese coins being made, nos 97— It is doubts remain. rejecting those that did not pass muster. coins in circulation, was not good for economic stability, and This is not a reliable term and is used merely as a label of the authorities therefore issued a list of coins that were not to convenience to refer to unofficial, imitation or fantasy coins be accepted.

As far as can be determined, the first law relating that were clearly not of standard issue Cat. Several similar laws were known where or when they were made.

Some appear to have subsequently passed by the weak central government, and been made in imitation of Japanese or Chinese coins; others towards the end of the 16th century the warlord Oda Nobunaga are quite unique in appearance and may even have been issued an edict under which coins in poor condition were not to produced to excite the interest of coin collectors once coin be rejected but accepted at a reduced value.

Given the overall collecting became fashionable in the 18th century. short supply of coins, this was a measure designed to keep as many of them in circulation as possible. The somewhat chaotic The transition to the early modern period monetary conditions inevitably led to a decline in confidence in The last decades of the 16th century brought an end to over a the currency and, as a result, rice became once again an hundred years of internecine warfare and led to the emergence important medium of exchange.

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