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For more information, including detailed, step-by-step instructions, watch this free video guide. You might be thinking that giving a motion blur effect to video with Sony Vegas Pro is a very difficult task but you can achieve it with. Motion blur is the streak-like effect that happens while shooting a video or still image due to either long camera exposure or rapid.

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Tip: Highlight text to annotate it X. Please leave feedbacks in comments to improve our videos. The Fast and the Slow Motion effects consist in changing the playing speed of a video clip, making it faster or slower. Obviously, this is going to change also the duration of the clip itself.

The faster it is played, the shorter it will last, unless you loop it over and over. There are two ways to apply this effect. If you pull it up or down, you will change its speed, as the percentage says in the white dialog box.

In this way you will keep the length of the video clip constant, although it will be looped if the speed is faster than the original one, as the grey triangles do appear. Plus, you can change the playing speed in time, for example to apply slow motion first and then fast motion in the end.

In fact, this envelope line is fully customizable. If you double-click on a point in the envelope line, a square appears. Each square fixes a determined value for the clip’s velocity where the point is placed. So you can create speed fades in case you place two points on different levels. You can also check the fade curve that is shown on the clip. There is full freedom: drag the points to change their placement in time or the velocity value they must fix.

To delete a point, simply right-click on it and go to Delete. You can also drag parts of the curves just created. This way is great in case you want to play a clip with variable playing speeds. But in case you want to apply a simple Slow or Fast Motion, where the speed is fixed, it is better to trim the clip, dragging its edges holding CTRL down. So you can apply Fast Motion if you stretch the clip, and Slow Motion if you enlong it. Sony Vegas Pro is an excellent video editor, but i would recommend iMyFone Filme , Filme is a much more comprehensive video editing tool.

It supports a wide range of file types and offers all common editing tools, along with filters, transitions, animation, text, fast video mode, and much more.

You can blur video in Filme with single click. Download iMyFone Filme below. First of all, create a project that contains footage to apply the motion blur effect. You can create moving texts or graphics with track motion or drag video clips recorded with high shutter speed. You can also choose other blur types.

You will now see a Video Bus Track below your original video track. This will show you the Motion Blur Amount. Drag the pink line up to If you look at the Video preview box, you will observe very shaky footage. If you further bring this bar to the top, the footage will become more blurry. Now you need to adjust the motion blur effect. You can adjust the motion blur effect with the help of settings available on the head of the video bus track.

After that, click on the Animation settings icon to fade the track. Drag down to apply bottom colour fade or drag up for top colour fade. You can also set motion blur length and fade for a specific part of the video by double-clicking on the particular part. To see how the final footage looks, find the bar with a little yellow triangle. Drag that yellow triangle across the whole clip. Now, you can play the footage.

You will get a preview of very shaky but a bit smoother footage. If you are satisfied with the footage results, you can now save the footage. Also Read:. Sony Vegas Pro is an excellent tool for video editing, but its free version is only available for a while, after which you need to buy it.

It is quite expensive, and you might hesitate to buy its premium version. It can perform all the tasks that professional software can. It is all in one tool that you can use to edit your videos, audios, add effects, transitions and create influencing stories. Whether you want to refine any footage or compile various video clips, all is possible with Filme.

As you are here to find a good video editor for the motion blur effect, Filme can do this task perfectly. With its numerous transitions and effects inclusion features, motion blur is not a big deal.

Its intuitive interface makes the whole process of adding motion blur effect relatively easy and understandable. Moreover, if you use Filme, you will get rid of the time wastage that you usually encounter with traditional software.

You would feel like the video editing process is fast-forwarded and accomplished within seconds. Compatible with Windows 7, 8, Windows 8. You can trim video clips, resize them, change the video speed and add a motion blur effect to videos. You can also add brightness, contrast, white balance and use certain other tools to adjust videos. You can apply countless transition effects, filters, text options to videos and images.


Sony vegas pro 13 motion blur free.HOW TO ADD MOTION BLUR EFFECT IN YOUR VIDEO?

Hello and welcome to This going to be a tutorial on how to add motion blur on a video in Sony Vegas Pro. How much depends on the exact algorithm, and if you’re using a cheap motion blur on an already-long render the extra time might be basically imperceptible, but.


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Drag video clips recorded with a high shutter speed to the timeline, or create moving text or moving читать больше with Track Motion. Share this Article:. Filmora Video Editor. Sony vegas pro 13 motion blur free add motion blur. Effects, Filters, Text Options You can apply countless transition effects, filters, text options to videos and images Picture Editing Filme can edit your pictures by adjusting picture position, trimming, cropping and using other tools. It supports a wide range of file types and offers all common editing tools, along with filters, transitions, animation, text, fast video mode, and much more. Purchasing details.